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Migraines Evolve


Migraines are near and dear to my heart. Sounds strange maybe, but it’s true. My first one happened in elementary school. I ended up throwing up all over the bus. At the time, the embarrassment was worse than the pain. Over the years, the pain became increasingly worse – always on the right side, always like someone pounding against my temple with a hammer.

Eventually, the migraines changed. Instead of pain, I went partially blind. Talk about scary the first time that happened. What would life be like if I could no longer see? How would I get to work? Would I be able to work? Would I ever see the faces of my children should I have any? Somehow, I drove myself to the eye doctors where I was informed a migraine caused my temporary blindness. He handed me a prescription which helped lessen the duration of each attack.

Who would have thought a migraine could be painless, yet blinding? Definitely not me.

I thought, after the blinding migraines had been defeated, that a migraine would never again overwhelm me. I was never more wrong. My migraines changed again. This time, two or three mini-migraines attacked me day after day for weeks on end. They were Cluster Migraines – but women don’t get those.

How have your migraines evolved?

Follow a journey to defeat migraines, a place where hope lives. Twisted Candy


The past two weeks have been hell. Between the drastic, daily weather changes and the house being too hot or buildings being too cold (still running the air conditioner), I have felt most days as if my head will explode. The constant pressure around my eyes, the bright lights, and the world tilted on it’s side, has me taking each step with caution.

Today will be no better-the forecast is calling for 30-55 MPH winds. I sit here now as the pressure builds. My stomach tossing, trying to convince me to give up the breakfast I ate an hour ago. I look out the window. What leaves remain on the trees dance a warning for me to not go outside.

I haven’t done a very good job bribing the migraine demons with their normal fix of one white pill, and two blue ones chased down with a bottle of Coke. I wonder what other cocktail they want now. They try to seduce me back to bed. I know I won’t be able to deny them in the end…

Punderson State Park

photo (3)

For several years now I have been fortunate enough to belong to NEORWA. Each fall we plan a trip to this lovely destination. Walking the grounds each year is just one of the many things I enjoy-remember to bring our boots to walk the wooded trails. This year we enjoyed a short ghost tour with Frank who also gave a very colorful history lesson.

We enjoyed the company of two retreat first-timers, the wonderful homemade treats and of course the many bottles of wine.

Hard Candy

Just when we think life will be easier for Miss Candy Richman since she found such a supportive man in Max Hart it get harder. The preventative seizure medicine she is taking is causing strange side effects and she discovers she has a stalker. Will Max’s love be enough to help her survive?

For a sneak peak jump over the Wattpad.


Hard Candy (1)


Join the Party




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Join the party and meet some of these great authors. Enter a chance to books, gift cards and more!

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Basic Training Pen Pals

Good morning, Happy Readers!

I’ve been really busy lately. Busier than I ever thought possible really. My son(s) have joined the Army and are currently in Basic Training. I would have thought life would be simpler with only one at home now, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. besides writing the boys letters all the time, I’ve been tasked with writing short stories to mail to them. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s rewarding knowing I’ve brightened their day when they had had a rough one.

I have also taken up being a pen pal for soldiers who do not receive letters from home. I’m not really sure how that could ever, ever, ever happen as our children are the most precious gifts God could ever give us. I mentioned this issue to my writers group and asked if they simply wanted to write some letters too. To my very happy surprise, they also want to send care packages!

I’ve contacted my son’s Drill SGT at Ft. Jackson and she is going to assist me in establishing a pen pal organization for the six companies there. I am very excited and scared at the same time. I don’t want to fail the young men and women who have selflessly volunteered to protect our freedoms.

If you would like to join the cause, please contact me at Ashley.M.Burner2014@Gmail.com

Twisted Candy Excerpt with Editor Notes

His hand slid faster up and down with the hot water pelting his skin. He stood up straight, full under the steaming water. Max imagined every stream to be Candy’s fingers. She tortured him. His free hand moved down his stomach, past his belly button, across his coarse hair until he cupped his balls.

Max palmed his , massaging them like Candy would do. He held his breath as long as he could while both hands continued to work. God, he thought he would burst

Max lifted his leg by the wall and placed it on the built-in shower seat. As he stroked his shaft, his other hand pushed his balls back until his fingertips felt the puckered muscle. Trying to gain courage, his palm pressed into his balls. Nothing he had done to himself had ever felt so good.

Without another thought, Max pushed the tip of his middle finger inside himself. “Whoa…” he let out with a breath he didn’t know he held. Slowly at first, he moved his finger in and out. It felt good. It felt damn good. So good that he slipped another finger inside.

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