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Flagstaff-Grand-Canyon_04300-150x150Welcome to my page!  My stories explore the dark side of life, but each story is laced with passion and the very heated sex my heroines need to survive each day until they find their happily ever after.  I hope my stories inspire and kindle your desires.  But most of all I hope they lead you to a path where you Dare to Dream.

My first story, Twisted Candy ~ A Sweet Candy Saga, was published by Etopia Press in May of 2015.

I recently became a member at The Romance Reviews. Stop over and check it out.  Congratulations  Dawn Murphy for winning Twisted Candy (ebook) during the Year End Party 2015! Hope you enjoy!

Hard Candy (1)  Hard Candy ~ book two of the Sweet Candy Saga. The story heats up as the Candy and Max begin to discover the depth of their growing relationship. Only one person stands in their way of happiness, a serial killer who has his eyes set on Candy.

Max broke their passionate embrace. His green eyes stared back at her. A grin played at the corner of his lips. “What?” Candy asked, her lips swollen from their kiss.

“I’m just stunned you keep coming back to me.” His hands moved from groping her ass to sit idle on her hips.

Max’s words had truth. The ‘relationship’ that began at a red light and escalated to sex in a graveyard minutes later, should have ended after they came. Max obviously thought so too, but changed his mind and caused Candy to do the same. Candy’s heart swelled and a smile lifted toward her eyes. “I like how you bring out the best in me,” her voice no louder than a whisper.

His breath seemed to hitch and the golden flecks in his green eyes brighten. He leaned forward again and captured her lips. Soft and sensual at first, then his hunger grew. His tongue gently flicked against her lips until it found her tongue. A spark of excitement shot through her mouth and down her spine eliciting a moan to tumble from her.

Her fingers tiptoed up his muscled arms, around his neck and nestled in his hair. His hands roamed across her back and pressed her into his growing hardness.

They were lost in each other until the scent of grilling meat caught their attention. Max groaned. He kissed her forehead before turning to the grill. Lifting the lid, he exposed two, T-bone steaks and a large, foil pouch. He flipped the steaks over. Perfect seer lines crossed the soft meat. “I hope you like steak,” he said over his shoulder. “They are almost done.”

“I love it.” Candy wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her chin against his shoulder. The scent of the hay and horses lingered on his skin, embedded in his genes. “How did you acquire the farm?”

He tensed against her words. Could he be ashamed of being a farmer? Or maybe someone else owned the place. Candy ran her hand up his stomach and rubbed circles across his skin to ease the tension away.

He let out a breath. Closed the lid to the grill and placed his hands atop hers. “Inheritance.”

She wanted to know more, but his simple response didn’t invite questions. One day he would open up to her as she had him. “You’re very lucky.” Candy nipped his neck then looked toward the barn. A few cows moved in the pasture near the barn. “It’s beautiful here.”

“Thanks.” He turned around in her arms to face her. “I sort of like here.”

A breeze spilled across her shoulders and waved a strand of her blonde hair between them. Max caught it and tucked it behind her ear. “Your hair is as smooth as silk.”

“How sweet of you to notice,” Her voice cracked with dryness. She looked for the purse she dropped when Max ravished her.

“Can I get you something to drink?” He offered.

She only drank water or tea, and a Coke when her head hurt. She longed for a margarita but couldn’t due to her chronic migraines and most certainly didn’t wish to drink a beer. As if sensing her apprehension, a chuckle rumbled through his chest. What did Max know that she didn’t?

“My mom suffered with migraines. She had very particular needs when it came to foods and beverages. I have bottled water, lemonade, and decaffeinated sweet tea. Would you care for one?”

She could always drink water. Lemonade, it depended if she felt headachy or not. Sweet tea though, sounded much better than the warming bottle of water in her purse. And now, she knew why he hadn’t run from at the mention of suffering several migraines a day for weeks. “Sweet tea sounds wonderful.”

“Great. Have a seat.” He motioned to a chair then picked up his half drank bottle of beer. “I’ll be right back.”

When she sat, Buddy, her new favorite Aussie, trotted over and put his head under her hand. She ran her hand down his smooth black fur.

Max returned with two, green glasses filled with tea. When their hands briefly touched, her gaze cut to his. Desire flamed within the golden flecks of his eyes and made her nipples hardened. The sudden nudge to her arm by Buddy made a stream of tea to flow across her hand.

“Let me get that for you.” Max set their glasses on the table and knelt before her. Bringing her hand to his lips, he wiggled devious eye brows at her. His apparent intentions tossed her breaths around like a row boat in a storm. At a painstakingly slow pace, he licked the tea away, drop by precious drop.

“Max,” his name slid across her tongue like a luscious chocolate malt. “Mmmm…”

With one long lick across her hand and up the inside of her wrist, he stood and began taking the steaks off the grill. He left her sitting in a dazed stupor. Buddy nudged her hand again, this time bringing everything back into focus and pushing the edges of lust away.

TwistedCandy_ByAshleyMBurner-50pct       Buy Twisted Candy now at Amazon.com

Sex that melts in your mouth…

Twenty-eight year old Candy Richman is tortured by migraines. Nothing works, nothing that makes life livable, anyway. Until an internet search reveals a surprising theory—the pain can be relieved by sex. Excited to test the theory for herself, Candy decides she needs a test subject—someone she can have totally hot sex with, but no emotional ties. Sex with a perfect stranger could be risky—but it’s a risk she’s willing to take. So when she pulls up beside the gorgeous country boy in his red pick-up, she blows him a kiss…and his reaction blows her away.

Twenty-two year old Max Hart is tortured by grief. While trying to lure women to his bed and win a friendly on-going wager with his friends, Max sidles up to a hot, yellow Camaro with an even hotter blonde behind the wheel. When she declines his invitation to coffee, he thinks he’s struck out…until she suckles her finger and gives him a look that would make him follow her anywhere.

But Candy’s no-strings-attached approach isn’t working. For some reason, Max wants more of his sweet Candy, even after he learns how bitter her life can be. And when Candy’s actions garner the attention of a serial killer, things only go from bad to worse…


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